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Sunday, January 17, 2021

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Global Electromech is a Bumiputra company incorporated in Malaysia on 2nd Jan 2001. The company brings extensive experience and ingenuity to our customers in the areas of Education Laboratory Equipment, Engineering Software Provider, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Hardware Parts, Machines, Equipments, Education Training Kits Supplier, Power Quality Solutions, Repair & Maintenance Service Provider, Process Automation.

Our management team provides you with a decade of human factor and industrial products success and genuine thinking ‘outside-the-box’ creativity that lets you fully explore the capabilities that our products and services can bring to your business.

For Global Electromech, that’s the bottom line: What type of products and services makes the most sense for your individual business care or individual process. With a decade of experience we know that understanding your business case for each process in your business is as important as understanding design, manufacturing and ongoing support.

Only by developing long time relationships and understanding our customer’s needed make Global Electromech believe that they can contribute as part of a team providing the best and most efficient product and support solutions.

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