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Integrated Environmental Solutions Limited (IES) is an industry leader in energy analysis and sustainability modeling applications. IES technology helps organizations dramatically reduce CO2 emissions produced by the built environment and optimize the use of energy and other resources in buildings. IES also provides a variety consulting services to support design teams, owners, and regulators with in-house, experienced energy modeling experts and the use of the powerful IES Virtual Environment tools.

IES Virtual Environment (VE) is an energy analysis and performance modeling software that offers a variety of custom modules designed to address different building performance workflows. IESVE can help you incorporate sustainable building approaches and analyses into your BIM projects.

IESVE is used by architects, engineers, urban planners, interior designers, and energy and green building consultants to design and evaluate energy-efficient buildings.

By utilizing an iterative design approach, architects and designers can implement VE analyses from Vectorworks design models. The feedback gathered from VE analyses provides an effective means of facilitating informed decision-making and improves the overall design of the building. An effective connection between the two programs has been established using an IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) file format. IFC is the preferred Open BIM data model developed by buildingSMART international. In addition, data between Vectorworks Architect or Vectorworks Designer and IESVE can be exchanged via gbXML and DXF.

In IESVE you can analyze a variety of information such as heating and cooling loads, occupant comfort, solar exposure, daylighting, wind loads, and carbon emissions based on the model's building orientation, overall physical form, use of shading devices, qualities of construction materials and assemblies, and thermal performance data attached to occupied spaces.

Energy analysis can be performed in the early stages of the design process, with very simple models and associated data. IESVE has the ability to edit the model and fill in information where needed to complete desired simulations and analyses. As the design becomes more detailed over time, further iterations can be run through the same tools and compared with previous efforts. In addition, VE offers assessment tools to assist with tracking and reporting LEED and BREEAM credits achieved throughout the design process. After design and construction are complete, IESVE can be used to measure a building’s performance throughout a project's lifecycle.