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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Limac RP2000 series plasma cutting machine

cnc plasma

LIMAC RP2000 Series plasma cutting machine is economic series for companies looking for good-yet-affordable cutting machines. Gantry is made of cast aluminum, and machine frame is made of steel pipe.

LIMAC RP2000 series CNC plasma features

  • Grid table as standard
  • Gantry made of steel
  • Helical rack and pinions
  • Stand-along industrial controller
  • Domestic 65A plasma power as standard (options include 85A, 100A, 180A)
  • Power Requirements: 220V/380V.
  • Electricity consumption: 10kw. (excluding air compressor, fume extractor)
  • Stepper motors as standard can be upgraded to Servo motors
  • Continue working from the last point where machine stops in case of sudden power off
  • Compatible with FastCAM, CAM-DUCT, Pronest, IBE and most CAM software on the market
  • Rack/pinion on X,Y axes; ball screw on Z axis
  • Taiwan linear guide rail, heavy-duty bearing, ball screw from Germany.
  • Two Y axes motors ensure high speed and big power.
  • Perfect for drying cutting

LIMAC RP2000 Series CNC Plasma Specifications






Max. cutting area


1300mm * 2500mm
(4' * 8')

1600mm * 3000mm
(5' * 10')

2000mm * 3000mm
(6.7' * 10')

2000mm * 4000mm
(6.7' * 13')

z-axis move

200mm (1')

200mm (1')

200mm (1')

200mm (1')

Max. speed

35m/min (117'/min)

35m/min (117'/min)

35m/min (117'/min)

35m/min (117'/min)

(Bigger sizes are available.)


  • Plasma generator
        Domestic 85A
        Domestic 100A
        Domestic 180A
  • CAD/CAM software
  • Servo motors
  • Fume filter
  • Air compressor
  • Water table
  • Oxygen/flame cutting head
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